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Chickens, Cows & Pigs

Country Placemats
These charming 15” placemats include a cow, pig, chicken and sheep. Make one of each or all in the same character. Have fun picking out fabrics, maybe make them in black and white gingham for instance with color only certain features like noses. Or in wild, unexpected colors! They are very easy to make useful and unique gifts.
#CY165 - $8.95

Chickens on the Runner, Placemat, Napkin & Napkin Ring
These fun chickens can be made in a variety of fabrics, modern, country or vintage. Put a yellow chicken on one end and red chicken on the other. Instead of chicken wire use checks, stripes or polka dots. Ours have all different fabrics except for their feet and beaks.
 Runner is 14” w x 40” L. Length can be added to the center.
Placemat is 18” w x 13” h. Measurements are approximate.
#CR182 - $9.50
Handy Baskets Chicken & Turkey
Fun baskets to hold so many different things,
bread, napkins, plants, mail, keys, turkey at work
 with treats, it’s unlimited. And unique gifts!
They measure 6” h x 8” w x 8” d
#HC181 - $9.50

Happy on the Farm Potholders & Tea Towels
These delightful, fun and easy to make 9” potholders
and tea towels will bring a smile to everyone's face.
 Embellish ready-made tea towels to coordinate
 with potholders. They make great gifts.
#PC178 - $9.50
Charming Chickens Potholders & Tea Towels
These sweet potholders and tea towels are fun and easy to make. Add border fabrics to readymade tea towels to coordinate with potholders. Tuck a tea towel inside the round potholder to make a unique gift. Round potholder is 9” and the chicken potholder is 6-3/4” h x 9-1/4” w.
#CT176 - $8.95
Mini Chicks
5" hen & rooster, great for fabric scraps!
#MN101 - $8.95
Pride of the Hen House
10" Rooster, 9" Hen & 3" Chicks
#PH97 - $8.95
The Roosters
11" x 14"
#TR94 - $8.95
Flew the Coop
10" hen & 13" rooster
#FC103 - $8.95
Cock-a-Doodle Dandy
12" x 14"
#CD96 - $8.95
Little Hen & Chicks
7" x 12" hens, 4" chicks & 3" worms
#LH93 - $8.95
Profile of a Rooster
12" x 12" rooster
#PR104 - $8.95
Two Chicks in Jeans
12"(not counting legs) chickens
#TC83 - $8.95
Rockin’ Rooster
This fun, crazy rooster apron is a flattering one size fits all. Easy to make in a variety of fabrics & rick racks. Two different tie options, one has cute neck & waist ties, the other has comfortable criss-cross straps. Apron measures approx. 30”L x 26”w
#RK146 - $8.95
"Mini Puffs" Cluck, Oink & Moo
10" x 10" Hen, Pig & Cow
#MO99 $8.95
Having a Cow
Fun to make 11" milk cow
#HA113 - $8.95
Barnyard Pals
Fun & Easy to Make
7" Beanbag Cow, Pig & Horse
#BP60 - $8.95
Farm Friends
13" cow & pig
#FA107 - $8.95
A Cover Up Down on the Farm
Easy to make covers for jars
#CF116 - $8.95
My Chicken Kitchen
This charming collection includes instructions to make
the bread bag, placemat, egg napkin ring and napkin.
The bread bag measures 8" x 12" and holds a dozen
or more rolls while bread is kept soft and warm without
exposure to air. You can use Thermolam Plus or
Insul-Brite by Pellon or Warm Tater (microwavable)
by The Warm Company.
They make useful and unique gifts.
#CK156 - $8.95

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