Cotton Ginny's Craft and Wearable Patterns

Cotton Ginny's Craft and Wearable Patterns

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Handy Baskets for the Holidays:
If you have questions about the instructions please contact me. Before you do, look at the instruction page 1 of 6. At the top of the page let me know if there is anything directly to the right of “page 1 of 6” ~ any symbols? If so, how many symbols?

Handy Baskets Chicken and Turkey:
The same applies as it does for the “Handy Baskets for the Holidays” except it will be “page 1 of 5”.

Happy Holiday Potholders & Tea Towels:
The Santa and snowman do not have hats. What makes them look like they do are the tea towels in the pockets. If you look at the two turkey images on the pattern cover you can see that. I didn’t catch that it wasn’t stated on the pattern before it went on the market.

All Aprons:
What I refer to as a “backing” is the same as some sewers would call a “lining”. There is no template given to cut the backing. You will be instructed to use the front of the apron like a “fabric” template to cut a backing piece.
The backing will cover the entire back of the apron. There won’t be any raw edges around the apron when it is completed.

Baby Elephant & Little Hippo:
There is not a separate template for the legs. The legs are already part of the Front Body and Back Body templates.

Chickens (stuffed) that sit or stand:
If you have a pattern that asks you to make a “Head Mask” and you need help making it let me know.

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