Cotton Ginny's Jean'e Babies Series Patterns

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Cotton Ginny's Jean'e Babies Series Patterns
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Jean'e Babies Series
 Have fun scavenging your closets, yard sales or asking friends and family for outgrown
or outworn old jeans or overalls, to make these fun and easy whimsical characters.

Santa & Rudy
16" favorite Santa & his 
 12" Deer & feed bag
#SR81 $7.95
Melting Hearts
16" irresistible snowmen
#ME80 - $7.95
Beau the Scarecrow
18" tall scarecrow
#BS84 - $7.95
Bruce the Moose
21" tall moose
#BM85 - $7.95
Two Chicks in Jeans
12"(not counting legs) chickens
#TC83 - $7.95
Blue Jean Bud
18" tall frog
#BB87 - $7.95
The Mousers
11" & 14" cats & their 3" mice
#TM79 - $7.95
Karla & Sabrina
24" doll & her 11" dog
#KS86 - $7.95
Blue Jean Bunnies
16" boy & girl bunnies
#BJ82 - $7.95
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