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Bears, Bunnies & Frogs

Fun Guys Cell Phone & Eyeglass Cases
These fun cases are so versatile! Two template sizes are included. Smaller case works great with iPhones 5 & 6 or reading glasses, the larger case for the iPhones up to and including 7 Plus or sunglasses. They will fit most other type phones as well and instructions are given to customize even more! Handy pocket on the back for your driver’s license, some cash, etc. Swivel hooks are handy to interchange between bags or even belt loop, or add a shoulder strap!
#GF177 - $8.95
The Bears
This 17" lovable bear's body only has four easy pattern pieces. Soft & cuddly made up in MinkeeTM fabrics, also works great in many different types of fabrics. Includes patterns for vest and padded bow.
#BR126 - $8.95
Wag Around Bears
13" x 16" floppy bears
#WB68 - $8.95
Bear Hugs
8" x 10" ea. cuddling beanbag bears
#BH78 - $8.95
Honey Bear & Bunny Love
Quick & Easy to make
11" Bear & 14" Rabbit Angels
#HB74 - $8.95
Mae Ling & Honey Bear
7" beanbag bears
#MH61 - $8.95
Cuddle Me MinkeeTM
These sweet friends are the cuddliest around. Easy to
make and wonderful for gifts. Cat and bear are 12” tall,
the bunny is 16”. Many types of fabrics will work great.
All three included in pattern. Enjoy!
#CE132 - $8.95
Wag Around Wabbits
Easy & Quick to make 18"
 (excluding ears) Floppy Rabbits
#WW70 - $8.95
Love Bunnies
Easy to make 10"
(excluding ears) Beanbag Rabbits
#LB71 $8.95
"All Puffed Up" Bunny
12" x 14"
#AB91 - $8.95
Blue Jean Bunnies
16" boy & girl bunnies
#BJ82 - $8.95
Sissy Rag Rabbit
A lovable 18" rabbit with posable
ears, arms and legs & weighted bottom.
#S44 - $8.95
Jr. Rag Rabbit
A lovable 18" rabbit with posable
ears,  arms and legs & weighted bottom
#J43 - $8.95
"Mini Puffs" Bud & Bunny
10" x 10" Frog & bunny
#MB106 - $8.95
Hops & Lops
Easy to make 7" and 10" Rabbits
#HL54 - $8.95
This 14" fun, funky frog livens up things wherever he goes!
A fun gift to give and is so soft in MinkeeTM fabrics or
darling in many different types of fabrics.
#HT125 - $8.95
Wee Wabbit & Fribbit
Fun & Easy to make 7" Beanbag Friends
#WF62 - $8.95
Fun & Easy 14" Beanbag Frog
#BD50 - $8.95
BeBe Buds
8" Quick & Easy Beanbag Frogs
#BB56 - $8.95
Blue Jean Bud
18" tall frog
#BB87 - $8.95
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